Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Fruitlootopia: beyond the wingut-opedia

The problem of badman's heroic endeavour to provide a catalogue of wingnuts on the irish internet is that it's just not fair to bracket all of the lunatics together. On the one hand you have your common-or-garden wingnuts whose styles are entirely "borrowed" from the copious number of US based right wing bigoted ignoramuses political commentators. Waghorne and the rest of his chums in my first think tank / freedom fries institute fit neatly into this category, as does Humphrys. Morgan Stack of Irish 911 insanity infamy fits rather less neatly, as will the next few victims of badman's pokings.

So, to properly group people together in the wingnut-opedia, badman is introducing a sub-categorisation system. In particular, those authors who are mad on a royal scale will henceforth be assigned to Fruitlootopia to show their special status compared to the second-rate morons like waghorne who badman routinely mocks. Morgan Stack is the first recipient of this rare accolade. He wins this prize for attending a SF meeting in Kerry and standing up to scream accusations that Martin Ferris is working for MI5 and is helping to cover up the great conspiracy of 911.

Now you might think that this makes stack as mad as a bag of fannies, and you'd be right, but badman is sorry to inform his gentle readers that the coming weeks will see a far far nuttier cast working its way across across this blog. Tighten your seat belts folks, we're going walkabout in fruitlootopia and it ain't for the fainthearted.

Friday, July 07, 2006

Irish Wingnut-opedia Volume 6: Morgan Stack / 9-11 truth movement.

Morgan Stack is the single-handed Irish branch of the 9-11 truth movement. He is as mad as a bag of fannies. He posted two hilarious news reports to indymedia Ireland in the past, giving badman the opportunity to demonstrate his extreme loon-spuddery

In this story, he was "oppressed" by the government when he travelled all the way to Dublin to hand out conspiraloon DVDs to TDs and was not allowed to hand them out.

Even madder was to come. He was subsequently oppressed by UCC when they cancelled his 9-11 truth conference. Why? Well it might have had something to do with the fact that he told them that there was a serious chance that his guest speaker might be assasinated by MI6.
Stack: I'd like to book the university for a conference

UCC security: No problem

Stack: MI6 are going to assasinate one of my speakers, so I'll need a team of anti-terrorist security people.

UCC security: Nurse, the screens!
Badman provided some commentary on both occasions, leading us to a series of accusations and counter-accusations about who exactly was the CIA disinformation agent. Possibly Badman's final hour.

His more recent antics have seen him accuse Martin Ferris of being a dinsinformation agent and announcing that he is running for the Dail in Kerry.

The big question is: will the CIA "get at" the Kerry electorate. If they don't, he's a shoe in.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

World's biggest Freak

Somebody (Eoghan Harris / Dickhead Waghorne / Jim Cusack?) has set up a blog which is an exact copy of badman's anthem, just with anthem spelt as "anhtem" and are pretending to be me.

What a freak. No really that's just strange.

The indy-weirdo-stalker no doubt playing some freak-tastic triple bluff.

Edit to add: I've redone the design of the blog to make the phoney site less like my anthem. It's a particularly pathetic attempt to lampoon badman, in fact the grasp of ideas and the poor prose style leads me to believe that he must work for the sindo or the Oirish Mail.

Ciaran Byrne? Jody Corcoran? Peter Nolan? There are so many semi-literate pricks in the Irish media that the list of suspects is infinitely long.

Friday, June 30, 2006

Terry Keane Memorial Tunnel?

There has been some debate in the Irish media about a proposal to name the port tunnel after our recently deceased gangster-in-chief taoiseach. Why does nobody ever think of the bereaved women folk? Would somebody please think of the grieving women! It would be much more appropriate to remember the dearly departed CJ through the name of his lover.

* gets coat *

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Ireland's toughest man: Enda v Michael

Fine Gael introduced a bill to the Dail trying to facilitate greater violence by homeowners against burglars. This bill has been in the offing for a while and is more or less a direct response to the Nally case last year, where a homeowner, Padraig Nally, was jailed for manslaughter for shooting a wounded traveller in the head at close range after he'd already shot him.

The bill itself was typical of the stupid crap that politicians get up to in the Dail:
  1. It only dealt with acts inside the home, the 'intruder' in the Nally case never entered the house, he was just trespassing on Nally's land.
  2. It would have made effectively no difference since the current law already gives homeowners the right to self-defence in their home. In general, the law mandates that victims should "retreat" wherever possible rather than "having a go", but one is not considered to be able to retreat from one's own home.
  3. There are no known cases of householders who have been prosecuted for using reasonable force against burglars (shooting somebody and pursuing them to shoot them again and kill them is not generally considred a reasonable response to trespass).
  4. The bill was never intended to pass and sure enough it was voted down by the government. It was simple law-and-order willy-waving for the benefit of the tabloids.
But what is even stupider than the whole sorry charade of this ridiculous bill were the claims made by Michael McDowell and Inda Kenny in the debate. Inda claimed that he had fought off two knife wielding muggers, while McDowell had defended his father's house with a poker from two burglars.

As I commented over on indymedia Ireland:

These stories are ridiculously implausible. Enda is an effeminate toff. McDowell is a rich-boy nerd who couldn't even make it onto the rugby team in a small school that is crap at rugby (although you can bet he wanted to, he fancies himself as "manly").

These stories are on the same level as Royston's "my dad was kidnapped by the UDA" and Kevin Myers's "I have received many death threats from the IRA" yarns.

Enda's story is particularly stupid. Anybody who "has a go" at two knife wielding desperadoes is an absolute idiot. The first thing that you learn in most martial arts is "if you encounter a stranger with a knife - no matter how good you are - give them what they want or run away". It is an indication of the pretentious, secondary school, slagging-match atmosphere that permeates the Dail that these idiots are swapping Rambo brags to compete about who's the toughest.
Now it seems that Enda had a Royston moment when he realised that some mischevious journalists were going to fact check this, look for garda reports and so on. He desperately changed his story to claim that the mugging took place in 1994 in Kenya. And how this had reference to Irish law is left unexplained. Also interesting to note that he has never mentioned this mugging in the intervening 12 years, for example in this debate about mugging from 1995, when he was minister for tourism, he names several of the most dangerous countries for mugging, but Kenya doesn't get a name check.

Badman thinks that the bad men are telling pork pies! Can we just cut to the chase and liven up the whole sorry excuse for an election campaign that we'll face for the next year. Inda gets a knife, McDowell gets a poker, all other TDs get molotovs. The floor of the dail is the fighting pit. Let's get it on and settle this like real men!

Monday, June 26, 2006

Black Hats and the Blogosphere

If you think that badman is a dubious type of dude with a suspicious proclivity to denounce others, you'd be right. On the other hand, a quick look at this brand new Irish Republican Self-Scrutiny blog should be enough to tell you that there are far shadier forces at play in the evolving and uncontrolled world of blogging.

Must try harder.

Monday, June 19, 2006

The problem with bloggers

Although badman is an avid reader of the Irish blogosphere, he can't escape the fact that the vast majority of political / current affairs blogs are just unbelievably shit. The problem seems to be that everybody attempts to ape the snore-inducingly bland style of the mainstream media as soon as they get to blog (even right wing bloggers ape the mind-numbingly stupid outpourings of prejudice that passes as mainstream US news).

This means that bloggers are, as often as not, falling over themselves to be balanced, sensible and to sound moderate. That's a recipe for an awfully shit blog. It's only really when you get to the comments that there is much of interest in most blogs. There are, of course some honourable exceptions, but that's because they authors don't spend their time trying to sound as if they were a professional hack. Remember, bloggers, mainstream journalism is mostly reheated shite sandwiches.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Waghorne Demands Apology From Irish Times

Richard Waghorne has demanded that the Irish Times, the BBC, CNN and the rest of the "communist" media issue an apology for spreading disinformation. Speaking to Badman Anthem yesterday, Richard argued that: "for nearly 40 years now the pinko-leftie media have been reporting that the Apollo mission landed on the moon. We now discover that this was a hoax and it was all filmed on a film set in Hollywood".

Richard's revelation followed a friend sending him a link to a website. "There's a guy on this website, called who has a video which proves everything" Waghorne explained "and he says he's won several industry awards".

In other news, Waghorne is also demanding a "correction" for media reports about the deaths of a group of Palestinian civilians on a Gaza beach. However, experts have dismissed his claims pointing out that "the website which he got this information from is far less credible than the one, which for all of its problems has at least had some money spent on it. The site, where Richard found this story looks like it has been put together by a 15 year old on speed. Plus, the moonmovie guy is offering to sell you his video, while the israeli video is apparently so "top secret" that nobody will ever see it. You'd have to be some moonbat to fall for that one."

Update Human rights watch finds Israeli shell shrapnel in the blast crater
"Human Rights Watch researchers have visited the site to examine the fatal crater and have interviewed victims, witnesses, security and medical staff. “There has been much speculation about the cause of the beach killings, but the evidence we have gathered strongly suggests Israeli artillery fire was to blame,” said Sarah Leah Whitson, director of the Middle East and Africa division at Human Rights Watch."
Update 2: Waghorne claims that the never-to-be seen top secret video also contains footage of islamo-fascist lizards planting shrapnel.

Coalition Troops Invade Baghdad

The BBC is reporting the deployment of 40,000 coalition troops on the streets of Baghdad. It is rumoured that their mission is to distribute sweets among the cheering, stars and stripes waving, freedom-loving populace. Or maybe that was just the fantasy version put about by the neo-cons?

* checks self into guantanamo for re-education *

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Waghorne the Weasel

In an astonishingly hypocritical sequence of posts Richard Waghorne calls for a "decent measure of respect" with regards to the dead crook charlie haughey. Immediately below this he repeats a long list of unproven accusations against the Gitmo suicides as fact. Not even the word "alleged" is used to indicate that the dead men have not been convicted of anything. In this case, not only have they not been convicted of any crimes, there does not appear to be sufficent evidence to even try them on any charges. But sure they're Ay-Rab terrorists anyway.

Respect the dead if they're white, rich and powerful.

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