Monday, May 29, 2006

Pete, Rory & Dick: Will Produce Propaganda for Payment

Just noticed this little Gem from the Freedom Institute. Entitled why Hamas is not Sinn Fein, written by Dr Rory Miller, Mr Peter Nolan and Mr Richard Waghorne.

"All three authors are members of the Freedom Institute, Ireland’s leading independent public policy research organisation."

The authors declare their interest but somehow have arrived at the side-splitting delusion that my first think tank
is ireland's "leading independent public policy research organisation". Leading in what sense? They certainly are peerless in the amount of mockery and derision that they have received. In other fields, their performance is saddly, less impressive.

Badman has no idea what the "Britain Israel Communications and Research Centre" is, but he can be very confident that it is some sort of Israeli propaganda outfit. How can he be so sure? Because genuine research organisations don't normally select people who know nothing at all about the subject matter to write reports. Take this piece of classic idiocy from the text:

There existed within the IRA a strong anti-clerical tradition reaching back to the nineteenth century. During the conflict, the IRA’s attitude hardened against the Catholic Church, particularly following the failure of Catholic mediators to secure a compromise from the British government during the hunger strikes of the early 1980s.

Such was the depth of ill-feeling that when secret talks began between IRA leader Gerry Adams and the Redemptorist priest Father Alec Reid, they were kept secret even from Adams’ colleagues on the IRA’s supreme governing body, the Army Council.

Yep, they actually seem to think that the secrecy of the meetings between Adams and the British was down to the presence of a catholic priest! Nothing at all to do with the fact that Adams was talking to the Brits behind the backs of the army council, it was the presence of the priest that was the tricky bit! The funny thing is that some of the freedom friers are actually from Ireland. I didn't realise that it was possible to come from here and to misunderstand the troubles so profoundly. It's the type of idiocy that you would expect from some lunatic neo-con in Ohio. Perhaps it was the fact that they were writing for a foreign publication which allowed the lads to feel that they could get away with making up any old shit without being ridiculed.

Dick's Magill Piece

Since Dick Waghorne has "disappeared" comments from his site, I'll have to use badman's blog for my review of his piece from Magill magazine.

His piece is typically tightly argued:

"Look at world headlines these days. Much of it comes down to democracy promotion, American leadership, and economic openness."

Of course, few mainstream scholars recognise that "look at world headlines these days" is an acceptable evidence-base on which to build a theory. That's because they're leftist miscreants. One of these leftist miscreants would be likely to, for example, test this claim by engaging in a cursory check. Let's start with today's Irish Times. A grand total of 1 out of 15 articles could possibly be related to dick's three categories - and that is an opinion piece by Charles Krauthammer in which he repeats a number of blatant lies for the umpteenth time in advocating the invasion of Iran. US leadership, maybe, democracy promotion? Only if you think that dead people make good voters!

Ireland can be the poster-boy for emerging democracies around the world, preaching the benefits of opening up, cleaning up democracy

Ireland is a poster-boy for cleaning up democracy!????!! Maybe Dick means that our "democratic" politicians are poster-boys for hoovering up cash from big business, otherwise he's got to be living in an alternative reality.

In relation to what Ireland should have done with respect to Belarus: "Ahern should have been on TV that day stating that Ireland as a small nation emphases with the wish of the Belarussian people to break free of Russia independence and to create their own democracy."

Did they really print this sentence? Do they even employ sub-editors? Do they even realise that emphases is the plural of the noun emphasis and that there is no simple verb derived from empathy (which Dick presumably meant)? What is "Russia Independence"? How does one break free from it?

More sage advice to Dermot: "He should have promised to work with his counterparts to make sure small democracies present a united front on the matter to use their votes in international institutions to pressure the regime" But further on Dick regrets the fact that being "Shackled to the UN, our scope for democracy promotion initiatives limits our options." So which "international institutions" should we be using for our good ol' democracy promotion if the UN is such a shackle? The international alliance of flag-waving lobotomised idiots?

Dick finishes up with a description of the current debate over Iraq:

"Never mind that the US is there under a UN mandate, or at the express request of Iraqi leaders, or with the support of the Iraqi people as repeatedly voiced to pollsters; for a large chunk of our political class, getting America is what counts. It’s almost the only thing that gets discussed."

We can make several observations about this. First of all, the assertion that "getting America" is almost the only thing that gets discussed is hard to sustain when one considers the enormous amount of public debate about health, crime, war, poverty, corruption, property prices and so on. Indeed, I can't recall a single individual who actually advocates "getting America" where will we get it from? Why are we getting it at all? Beats me, ask Dick.

Secondly the assertion that the Iraqi people have repeatedly voiced support for the US occupation to pollsters is stretching the truth just a teensie bit. As long ago as 2004, support for the occupation had collapsed:

A Gallup poll conducted mostly in late March-- before the recent sieges of Fallujah and Najaf-- showed that "a solid majority support an immediate military pullout." ( Fifty-seven percent said the coalition should "leave immediately" rather than "stay longer" (36 percent).

According to a new poll from the Iraq Center for Research and Strategic Studies, which is partly funded by the State Department and has coordinated its work with the Coalition Provisional Authority, more than half of all Iraqis-- including the Kurds-- want an immediate withdrawal of U.S. forces, up from 17 percent last October. The same poll found that 68 percent of Iraqis support Moqtada al-Sadr, including a third who say they "strongly support" him (Financial Times, 5/20/04; Philadelphia Inquirer, 5/9/04).

January 2005: 82 percent of Sunni Arabs and 69 percent of Shiites favor US withdrawal ãeither immediately or after an elected government is in place.ä (Zogby)

Millions of Iraqis believe that suicide attacks against British troops are justified, a secret military poll commissioned by senior officers has revealed.

The poll, undertaken for the Ministry of Defence and seen by The Sunday Telegraph, shows that up to 65 per cent of Iraqi citizens support attacks and fewer than one per cent think Allied military involvement is helping to improve security in their country. Source

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Why has Dick Waghorne Turned off Comments

Some weeks ago badman became an afficando of the sport that is most loved by true conoisseurs of the Irish blogosphere - taking the piss out of Dick Waghorne's pompous musings on his blog. Although this is a minor sport, it is tremendously enjoyable, despite the feeble nature of the intelectual challenge. I'd liken it to going fishing in a particularly well-stocked fish farm with an Uzi.

Dick has put many long and hard years into adopting the affectations of a classically trained oxbridge scholar, a latter day John Hume or Adam Smith. This has left him little time to devote to other, less useful, forms of knowledge such as a rudimentary understanding of logic or a casual acquantaince with facts or evidence. The resultant combination of promethean pomposity and "point and snigger" levels of simple-mindedness make for entertaining commenting.

No longer.

A couple of weeks ago, dick turned off commenting and "disappeared" the archive of piss-taking comments from badman and the small band of like-minded conoisseurs who had happened across this most enjoyable sport in their travels across the tundra of the internet. Dick has yet to profer an explanation for the "silencing" of his critics.

Badman wants to know what happened?
  1. He's been "got at" by "them"
  2. Technical difficulties
  3. He got pissed off at being made look like a moron in public
  4. "Lefties" were suppressing him with death-threats in the comments
  5. Sudden conversion to Stalin's information management policy
  6. Comments are, like, so childish

Monday, May 22, 2006

Hack Watch - the rebirth of smearing

Some weeks ago, the weird nutters who put out indymediairelandwatch suddenly dissappeared from the Internet after Indymedia Ireland put a number of questions to Independent Newspapers about their connection to the neo-nazi linked blog

Now the nutters are back. This time, immediately after an edition of the Sunday Independent which had devoted 3 articles to attacking Vincent Browne, it is the editor of Village magazine who is the subject of their ravings.

The style is uncanningly similar. The author(s) are at the dribbling end of the delusion scale. One of their first revelations is that Vincent Browne wrote something in his SBP column which sort of ressembled an idea expressed by Tony Benn on his RTE radio show. Apparently this is some sort of ethical problem. All ideas expressed in for-profit mediums must not be influenced by ideas expressed in publicly funded media?

One of the obvious truisms about humans is that the vast majority of our ideas are not original. This is one of the features of our species which has allowed us to develop from the stone age. Somebody who relied entirely on their own ideas without any influence from others would be restricted to some sort of stone age existance. Either that or they'd get a job with the Sindo.

Yep, that's the weirdly deluded world that the watch-nutter lives in.

People who think that other people who express less than Rand-ian capitalist opinions should live by bizzarely pure ethical guidelines normally just don't understand the concept of ethics at all because they don't have any.

My high-level sources at indymedia Ireland tell me that some more toneore-tastic revelations are on their way about the watcher(s).

Saturday, May 13, 2006

My First Think Tank - The Freedom Institute

Prior to the creation of this blog, badman has worked the floor over on Indymedia Ireland. One of my favourite targets of criticism was traditionally The Freedom Institute.

The Freedom Institute is a "think tank" set up by a bunch of rich kids in University College Dublin. I think they call it a "public policy research institute" or some similarly grandiose title. In any case, whatever they call it, it's one of those things in life, like bad haircuts or the royal family, that simply demands ridicule.

After reading a few of their "reports", I quickly realised just how embarrassingly bad their "research" was. Each and every one of their reports followed the same predictable pattern. State intervention and anything that could be vaguely considered to be an impediment to the power of rich people to do whatever the hell they like is bad. This is all we need to know about all problems in the world. A particularly embarrassing application of this doctrine sees them reqularly equate all politics to the left of genghis khan with the nazis. Just today, one of their members fellow travellers (who must be about 14 considering his decision to call himself "wulfbeorn" and decorate his site with howling wolves) is equating Sinn Fein with the Nazis on the basis that Sinn Fein's health policy mentions the word "equality" and so does a piece of Nazi rhetoric. Brilliant.

Another amusing bit of nonsense saw them attribute the famine in ethiopia to the fact that ethiopia was "socialist". Their evidence for this claim was that the USA had experienced similar droughts without the same disasterous consequences! Are they sure they've considered all possible differences between the two situations before coming to this conclusion? They don't say.

Rather than being anything similar to a body which carries out research, the freedom institute is a sort of "billionaire boy's club". A bunch of precocious, spoiled, rich-kid undergraduates who have an absolutely unshakeable faith in their own cleverness compared to the rest of the species. Their other defining attitude is that they absolutely detest any argument that might suggest that they are not utterly deserving of their own privilege, indeed they really think that they ought to be applauded for it. Some strange coincidence of the planets must have occured to bring a critical mass of precocious pups with extreme forms of these symptoms together. Such traits are commonly found in dilute form among the pupils of the half-dozen most prominent boys school (and they are virtually all boys) but their delusions of grandeur are normally limited to a bit of pompous posing in the student's union, the debating societies or one of the campus publications. It is rare that it extends to the ridiculous levels of establishing a think-tank, manned by under-graduates who don't even possess the skills to carry out basic research.

In typical vainglorious fashion, they doled out grandiose-sounding titles to their entire membership. Richard Waghorne, one of their members with the greatest willingness to pontificate on subjects about which he is ill-informed, was their "Spokesman on Economics & Infrastructure".

More mocking of the freedom institute to come

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These and the various other things that most embarrass me about being a human will be denounced.

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