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Hack Watch - the rebirth of smearing

Some weeks ago, the weird nutters who put out indymediairelandwatch suddenly dissappeared from the Internet after Indymedia Ireland put a number of questions to Independent Newspapers about their connection to the neo-nazi linked blog

Now the nutters are back. This time, immediately after an edition of the Sunday Independent which had devoted 3 articles to attacking Vincent Browne, it is the editor of Village magazine who is the subject of their ravings.

The style is uncanningly similar. The author(s) are at the dribbling end of the delusion scale. One of their first revelations is that Vincent Browne wrote something in his SBP column which sort of ressembled an idea expressed by Tony Benn on his RTE radio show. Apparently this is some sort of ethical problem. All ideas expressed in for-profit mediums must not be influenced by ideas expressed in publicly funded media?

One of the obvious truisms about humans is that the vast majority of our ideas are not original. This is one of the features of our species which has allowed us to develop from the stone age. Somebody who relied entirely on their own ideas without any influence from others would be restricted to some sort of stone age existance. Either that or they'd get a job with the Sindo.

Yep, that's the weirdly deluded world that the watch-nutter lives in.

People who think that other people who express less than Rand-ian capitalist opinions should live by bizzarely pure ethical guidelines normally just don't understand the concept of ethics at all because they don't have any.

My high-level sources at indymedia Ireland tell me that some more toneore-tastic revelations are on their way about the watcher(s).

And it immediately links back to Mr. Waghorne's blog as well.

It's not that tit who was editing the sindo's "tinker-baiting" property section, is it? God that guy is a prick.

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