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Pete, Rory & Dick: Will Produce Propaganda for Payment

Just noticed this little Gem from the Freedom Institute. Entitled why Hamas is not Sinn Fein, written by Dr Rory Miller, Mr Peter Nolan and Mr Richard Waghorne.

"All three authors are members of the Freedom Institute, Ireland’s leading independent public policy research organisation."

The authors declare their interest but somehow have arrived at the side-splitting delusion that my first think tank
is ireland's "leading independent public policy research organisation". Leading in what sense? They certainly are peerless in the amount of mockery and derision that they have received. In other fields, their performance is saddly, less impressive.

Badman has no idea what the "Britain Israel Communications and Research Centre" is, but he can be very confident that it is some sort of Israeli propaganda outfit. How can he be so sure? Because genuine research organisations don't normally select people who know nothing at all about the subject matter to write reports. Take this piece of classic idiocy from the text:

There existed within the IRA a strong anti-clerical tradition reaching back to the nineteenth century. During the conflict, the IRA’s attitude hardened against the Catholic Church, particularly following the failure of Catholic mediators to secure a compromise from the British government during the hunger strikes of the early 1980s.

Such was the depth of ill-feeling that when secret talks began between IRA leader Gerry Adams and the Redemptorist priest Father Alec Reid, they were kept secret even from Adams’ colleagues on the IRA’s supreme governing body, the Army Council.

Yep, they actually seem to think that the secrecy of the meetings between Adams and the British was down to the presence of a catholic priest! Nothing at all to do with the fact that Adams was talking to the Brits behind the backs of the army council, it was the presence of the priest that was the tricky bit! The funny thing is that some of the freedom friers are actually from Ireland. I didn't realise that it was possible to come from here and to misunderstand the troubles so profoundly. It's the type of idiocy that you would expect from some lunatic neo-con in Ohio. Perhaps it was the fact that they were writing for a foreign publication which allowed the lads to feel that they could get away with making up any old shit without being ridiculed.

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