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Why has Dick Waghorne Turned off Comments

Some weeks ago badman became an afficando of the sport that is most loved by true conoisseurs of the Irish blogosphere - taking the piss out of Dick Waghorne's pompous musings on his blog. Although this is a minor sport, it is tremendously enjoyable, despite the feeble nature of the intelectual challenge. I'd liken it to going fishing in a particularly well-stocked fish farm with an Uzi.

Dick has put many long and hard years into adopting the affectations of a classically trained oxbridge scholar, a latter day John Hume or Adam Smith. This has left him little time to devote to other, less useful, forms of knowledge such as a rudimentary understanding of logic or a casual acquantaince with facts or evidence. The resultant combination of promethean pomposity and "point and snigger" levels of simple-mindedness make for entertaining commenting.

No longer.

A couple of weeks ago, dick turned off commenting and "disappeared" the archive of piss-taking comments from badman and the small band of like-minded conoisseurs who had happened across this most enjoyable sport in their travels across the tundra of the internet. Dick has yet to profer an explanation for the "silencing" of his critics.

Badman wants to know what happened?
  1. He's been "got at" by "them"
  2. Technical difficulties
  3. He got pissed off at being made look like a moron in public
  4. "Lefties" were suppressing him with death-threats in the comments
  5. Sudden conversion to Stalin's information management policy
  6. Comments are, like, so childish

why don't you ask him?

Coz he's turned off commenting and there is thus no public way of doing so.

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