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Waghorne Demands Apology From Irish Times

Richard Waghorne has demanded that the Irish Times, the BBC, CNN and the rest of the "communist" media issue an apology for spreading disinformation. Speaking to Badman Anthem yesterday, Richard argued that: "for nearly 40 years now the pinko-leftie media have been reporting that the Apollo mission landed on the moon. We now discover that this was a hoax and it was all filmed on a film set in Hollywood".

Richard's revelation followed a friend sending him a link to a website. "There's a guy on this website, called moonmovie.com who has a video which proves everything" Waghorne explained "and he says he's won several industry awards".

In other news, Waghorne is also demanding a "correction" for media reports about the deaths of a group of Palestinian civilians on a Gaza beach. However, experts have dismissed his claims pointing out that "the website which he got this information from is far less credible than the moonmovie.com one, which for all of its problems has at least had some money spent on it. The israelnewsagency.com site, where Richard found this story looks like it has been put together by a 15 year old on speed. Plus, the moonmovie guy is offering to sell you his video, while the israeli video is apparently so "top secret" that nobody will ever see it. You'd have to be some moonbat to fall for that one."

Update Human rights watch finds Israeli shell shrapnel in the blast crater
"Human Rights Watch researchers have visited the site to examine the fatal crater and have interviewed victims, witnesses, security and medical staff. “There has been much speculation about the cause of the beach killings, but the evidence we have gathered strongly suggests Israeli artillery fire was to blame,” said Sarah Leah Whitson, director of the Middle East and Africa division at Human Rights Watch."
Update 2: Waghorne claims that the never-to-be seen top secret video also contains footage of islamo-fascist lizards planting shrapnel.

Waghorne claims that the never-to-be seen top secret video also contains footage of islamo-fascist lizards planting shrapnel.

But is Waggie really one of the Lizard People, sent by them to discredit genuine reports of their nefarious activities?

* hatches plan to bait waghorne and the 9-11 conspiraloons and watch them tear each other to pieces *

"But how do I know you're not a CIA disinfo agent?"

"Only a CIA disinfo agent could possibly make such a claim"

"I see you've been reading your CIA disinfo textbook"


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