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World's biggest Freak

Somebody (Eoghan Harris / Dickhead Waghorne / Jim Cusack?) has set up a blog which is an exact copy of badman's anthem, just with anthem spelt as "anhtem" and are pretending to be me.

What a freak. No really that's just strange.

The indy-weirdo-stalker no doubt playing some freak-tastic triple bluff.

Edit to add: I've redone the design of the blog to make the phoney site less like my anthem. It's a particularly pathetic attempt to lampoon badman, in fact the grasp of ideas and the poor prose style leads me to believe that he must work for the sindo or the Oirish Mail.

Ciaran Byrne? Jody Corcoran? Peter Nolan? There are so many semi-literate pricks in the Irish media that the list of suspects is infinitely long.

I think that the writer, whoever it is, has captured your voice and modus operandi very well. As you should know by now, I'm usually blunter.


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